Members' Section

Parts of this section are reserved for students of The Weston and their families. It is password-protected. The login details are periodically circulated within personalised newsletters as well as in the pre-term invoices. If you have mislaid your details the username and password are both your account reference (all in UPPERCASE). If you believe you have entered your details correctly and still cannot access this section, please email and include your account reference and postcode.

We have added a new facility to the venue page of the timetable section - you can now view venues on hybrid map. We hope this will help people travelling to a venue for the first time. However, why not just have a look - the detail is pretty good and, on most of the venues, you can choose an angled view in which you can even see windows (of the cars!!)

We hope that you enjoy using these pages and will return to them from time to time to check out what's new.