We strongly advise that uniform is not purchased until it is confirmed that the student has settled and has been placed in the correct class.

Children entering the school in the Ballet with your Bear class only need to wear something easy to move in. For girls this should be a full skirted dress or skirt and blouse; for boys, shorts and tee-shirt. The children may wear ballet shoes or dance in bare feet. All other students, from Primary upwards, are required to wear the uniform, as detailed herein. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY NAMED.

It is essential that students' hair is always neat and tidy in all disciplines of dancing. Girls should wear long hair either in a bun or pony tail with a ribbon to match their leotard, and short hair should be secured by a headband. Boys' hair, if long, should also be tied back. Jewellery, with the exception of studs in pierced ears, may not be worn.

Students attending adult classes may wear any comfortable exercise clothing, but no bare midriffs, please! In the interests of safety, trousers, if worn, should be no longer than ankle length - clear of the floor.

In order to ensure the correct colour all uniform should be purchased online from the School Office.


In order that the student may move freely, and for the teacher to observe accurately, it is imperative that all dancewear, including shoes, fits snugly. Please do not purchase items with the view to allowing room for growth. All Lycra products will stretch considerably and, for the same reason, it is important that ballet and jazz shoes are leather and not satin or canvass. Split-soled ballet shoes are not permitted.