School Show

School Show – FAQs

We are pleased to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.  However, if you still have a query please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can add it, and the answer, to our list.

When is the next show?
Summer 2025.

Who can take part?
We would like ALL students to take part in the show, from the Ballet With Your Bear classes to our most senior, vocational students – no-one is “too young” or “too new”!

What is the show like?
Our show comprises a handful of items, showcasing the students’ abilities.

Where is it performed?
At Chelmsford Theatre, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1JG.

When are rehearsals held?
All show items are choreographed and rehearsed in the students’ regular classes.

Will my child(ren) be required at all show-week rehearsals?
Not necessarily.  A full schedule will be published during the Summer term and this will give details of dates, and arrival and departure times.  To be included in the show all students are required to attend their allotted rehearsal(s) and performance(s).

Will my child(ren) be taking part in all three performances?
Again, not necessarily.  The younger ballet students (BWYB, Primary and Standard 1) will dance in just one performance.  The remainder of the school will take part in all performances.

Can I stay with my child(ren) at the theatre?
No – you will be required to sign your child(ren) in at the theatre (and out, when leaving).  All children are then taken backstage and looked after by a team of chaperones, all of whom have to hold an enhanced DBS certificate and be registered by the Essex County Council as suitable for the role.  Children are returned to the signing desk for your collection.

Will costumes be provided?
A costume fee is requested for each item in which the students are appearing.  We ask you to provide a number of pieces of information, some of which will be used to ensure that the correct size, ready-made costume is ordered for each child.

Is there a Show Fee?
No. You are required to pay for each costume which remain your property. All other costs incurred in mounting the show are covered by ticket sales.

Is the production open to the public?
Yes, absolutely.  There will be an opportunity for parents and friends to pre-order tickets before they go on general sale towards the end of April.

Can I take photographs of the performance?
No!  Due to licensing restrictions, and in consideration of the comfort of other patrons, the taking of photographs is not permitted.  However, we hope to appoint a professional photographer to take photographs of each child at the stagger dress rehearsals.

Are the performances recorded?
Yes – an archive recording is made of all performances and there will be the opportunity to purchase DVDs/USBs.